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Music Review: Professor B and the Army of Love “Sign of the Times”

Professor B and the Army of Love is a music group with the release “Sign of the Times” . A track which is a call to action, a chance for us as a world to reflect and live in a world that needs change, love and all of humanity working together! This song, Sign of the Times, is taken from their eleven track album Tough Times.

When the track begins with drums, you are immediately put in a trance by the country rock ballad and guitar sound. The lead vocalist Professor B  is the catalyst behind the amazing offering. His  baritone voice, is a nice contrast to  the  Clair Marie Barber who compliments him in octaves on the verses and choruses.

Professor B and the Army of Love are  literally on a spiritual mission and digging into their past releases and performances you can see why they have attained huge success. The world is in need of music with a much more positive direction.  Professor B, or Fred Brown (guitar/lead vocals), describes himself as a ‘musical activist of conscious vibes’.  They have built up a solid fanbase online since their conception in 2015.

This song is about the troubled times in the world and this should be on everyone’s playlist.

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