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Natalievna21 aka DJ SARA returns with new single “Twin Flames”

Natalievna21 aka DJ SARA is an international dj/producer who dabbles with music styles including hard dance, dubstep, hard trance, jungle terror. The indie pop singer and actress started her dj career in 2017.

Her new single “Twin Flames” combines streamlined production cues with textured grooves and walloping riffs that will satisfy even the most discriminating of metalheads, and in my opinion it gives us an excellent look into the depth of its multidimensional songwriter. ( )’s flame is burning bright in the underground at the moment, but a single like this could really serve to expand her audience if given the appropriate platform.

The song really catches my attention with this song  from the get-go, but in all the right ways. We managed to catch up with ( ) for an interview on Camden Monthly..

What inspired you to get into music?
I always loved music and step by step I realised that wanted to create it. When I started my dj career that was an amazing feeling of giving my energy to people by playing music to them. Then  I started to learn production to created dance music by myself, like those that I played on the stage. By now I already released 2 harddance tracks called : ” Flip ” and ” Jupiter ” and there will be more in the future. There are two different sides of me : one gives such energy, power and another one deep feelings. That is why I am also an indie pop singer and produce songs using this genre as a vehicle. I love it and enjoy what i do with music. This year I already released 3 indie pop songs and the last, the new one is ” Twin Flames “. The song that I released on my birthday – 21 of November 🙂

How would you describe your music?
I would say that it is special in  it’s own way. The dance music make your body move to the excitement of the beat and the indie pop songs makes you relax , feel, think about your love life and or ponder about something deep. I think each person can find what they are looking for in my music, something that can complete you from different sides of your soul with various moods and emotions that bring you pleasure.

What would you say is your recording and song writing style?
I can say that if I am going to create electronic dance music I just sit in my home studio and start to create. There is no melody in my head before , it comes in process and I believe in my inspiration, the only thing that I know before is the style of dance music which I want to create, other things just come out step by step and build the picture with which I work to make it perfect. But if we are talking about the indie songs they come to me like a vision )) I mean that it can be sudden once in some time I just catch that feeling and open the voice recorder on my phone not to forget the thoughts, then I make lyrics which is great process and then start to work on it in my studio with the idea which already came to mind I develop the melody. But sometimes it also can be vice versa – first I create melody and then think how to make a song on it. In each case I love the process and enjoy but it’s also hard work when you are making the whole track or song by yourself it needs self discipline and constancy . So I just pull myself together and start to make it every day and then release the creation. Seeing the result is the happiest part in it, when only you know how you created that art piece by piece.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
In five years.. let me think 🙂 the one word that springs to mind is  Worldwide. I want to develop myself and my skills to get higher in my career, to be discovered by a lot of people and be happy knowing that so much people in this world will enjoy my music. Many things will be for sure and I will do my best to make it real.

Where can music fans listen your music?
My music is everywhere. It is on Spotify, Youtube , Itunes, etc. Just type in Natalievna21 in google search and you will find the latest news and releases 🙂 And for now I wish you to enjoy my new song – Twin Flames and to feel and see story behind it. My VEVO music video for this song will be out in January 2021 so stay tuned not to miss the premiere I am sure you will love it. And I love you all 🙂


Listen Twin Flames on Spotify by clicking here

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