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Acanthia was founded in 2023 by Emma Hardiman, a registered Fairtrade Goldsmith and sole trader, as a part of her university final project. The business operates online, with strong associations in the Jewellery Quarter, in Birmingham. Acanthia Jewellery creates one-of-a-kind pieces for clients through its bespoke design service, whilst also launching signature collections inspired by the designer’s creativity.

Emma recognised her preference for art over academic subjects, so she embarked on a journey of exploring various ways to creatively express herself. Through research and experimentation, she delved into different art forms such as painting and drawings until she came across jewellery making. Learning various techniques and experimenting with different materials, she has been able to express herself through the intricate designs and unique pieces that she creates. This journey has not only allowed her to develop the skills as a jewellery maker but has also provided her with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in bringing unique jewellery into the market.

What does redefining nature inspired jewellery mean?

Redefining nature inspired jewellery means creating new nature inspired designs, different to those nature inspired brands, currently on the market. It involves creating unique and innovative designs that draw inspiration from elements of nature while incorporating modern trends and sustainable materials.  This approach seeks to capture the essence of the natural world in a fresh and commercial way, appealing to consumers who appreciate both the aesthetics and sustainability of their jewellery choices. By redefining nature inspired jewellery, Acanthia can offer pieces that not only showcase creativity and craftsmanship, but also promote a deeper connection to the environment and a more sustainable approach to fashion.

What is the concept behind Acanthia Jewellery?

The concept of Acanthia Jewellery is based around the ideology of the art nouveau period of jewellery, creating innovative ideas, and pushing boundaries. The ambition is to redefine nature inspired jewellery to create collections that do not conform to the current stereotypical jewellery, currently available on the market. Acanthia Jewellery strives to incorporate sustainability wherever possible, to demonstrate the fundamental core values of the business and creating stronger connections with nature.

What are the core values of Acanthia Jewellery? And how are these used in the business?

Sustainability, transparency, and quality are fundamental values at Acanthia Jewellery. From the materials used to the customer service provided, these principles drive the creation of close relationships with customers.

Designing jewellery with recycled, Fairtrade-certified materials, ethically sourced gemstones, and laboratory-grown diamonds is an excellent way to create sustainable and ethical pieces that appeal to eco-conscious consumers. By utilising recycled metals and supporting Fairtrade practices, Acanthia can minimise the environmental impact and ensure responsible production processes. Ensuring transparency of the materials & processes, whilst maintaining the highest quality, helps Acanthia build closer connections with customers, gaining loyalty and a trustworthy reputation.

Does Acanthia Jewellery offer bespoke jewellery?

Acanthia offers bespoke jewellery, this involves creating unique pieces with a personalised approach, allowing for a more intimate and meaningful connection between the customer and Acanthia. Expressing customers visions and ideas through bespoke jewellery design involves understanding their preferences, style, and inspirations to create a piece that resonates with their personal aesthetic. Acanthia offers designs free of charge to encourage customers to try the bespoke experience, working back and forth to achieve the desired piece.

What’s next for Acanthia Jewellery?

Acanthia plans to continue releasing signature collections and possibly expand into artwork to merge Emma’s talents is a promising direction for the brand. By possibly incorporating charity work and commissions into their efforts, Acanthia can create a positive impact whilst also showcasing creativity and innovation. This approach not only gives back to the community but also sets them apart in the market, attracting socially conscious customers and fostering a strong brand reputation.

Lastly, “Acanthia Jewellery is proud to be a sponsor for the National Film Awards 2024. This partnership celebrates the talent within the film & jewellery industry,  exploring new opportunities and future collaborations with the National Film Academy.”
Emma Hardiman, Founder of Acanthia Jewellery.

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