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An interview with musician, Laskii as they talk, past, present and future…

We are often excited to introduce readers to the future leaders of music in all different genres. This week, we bring you Laskii with an amazing interview covering their past, present, and of course what he hopes to achieve in the future.

What inspired you to get into music?
Music was something that I’ve loved ever since I was born I feel like. My grandpa was a pianist, my brother played guitar, and instrumental skill runs in the family. It took me years to learn rhythm. Haha, I hear the lyrics first in songs. It truly makes a difference and it is cool to learn if people either hear rhythm, melody, or lyrics first. Everyone’s brain is unique. Music helps me a lot with my mental health. Honestly, my dream is to give people the feeling my favorite musicians gave me. To be reminded we aren’t alone and in this together riding the wave.

How would you describe your music?
My music kinda is a blend of emo, hip-hop, and indie pop. Each song is a different genre to build a strong portfolio to show each of the different styles I can do. MGK, Billie Eilish, 93FEETOFSMOKE, skele, heylog, Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, ghostemane are some of my influences. I could write such a long list of my inspirations to be honest.

What would you say is your recording and songwriting style?
Everything happens in a moment when it comes to writing and recording. I’ll hear a beat that everything just seems to click and I’m living in the moment. Self-aware of how I feel, and writing everything down. Sometimes the verses come complete on the first try, others, I piece together lyrics until it all comes together. I think the most powerful songs come from a raw place of vulnerability.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
In 5 years, I hope I play a professional live show and have at least 5 albums released. I hope by then I’ll have a million people who can remember me when I’m not on Earf anymore

Where can music fans listen to your music?

Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and almost every platform! Sometimes on the radio in select areas!

Listen to Laskii by clicking here

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