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Arnold Mitchem releases new single “Solo”

At its core, Arnold Mitchem’s new single “Solo” is a fun, old school honky-tonker with everything required to become a staple in the modern country genre. Right from the moment that we hear the vibrant strumming of an acoustic guitar at the onset of the song, it’s abundantly clear what we’re in for in this three and a half minute country opus.

The title track of the new album from Arnold Mitchem’s  “Solo” is a track comprised of organic string play,  vocal harmonies, and elements of Americana and western music that have been largely overlooked by the bulk of establishment-supported country artists in the spotlight lately. There are no halfhearted attempts at alternative stylization here, nor are there are many moments in which Arnold or his band sound even remotely impure in their collective aesthetical collaborations. If you came looking for the predictable fodder of an FM country song in this single, you’re in for quite the surprise; in this hot track, mainstream artificial tones are replaced with a lively enthusiasm for the genre that just can’t be taught (nor faked).

There’s more than just a beat making “Solo” the seductive treat for the senses it undeniably is; from the bones of the rhythm to the very layering of the melodicism at the top of the mix, this is a multidimensional work that wasn’t dreamt up on a lazy afternoon.

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