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Avoria releases brand new single “Albe di Primavera”

There are multiple ways to discover music these days. One of my favorite ways is when I get sent an e-mail suggesting I check something out. This was the case when I was tipped off to check out Albe di Primavera, the latest single from the collective Avoria.

Albe di Primavera starts off strong with an extremely catchy beat & silky smooth vocals that make it a song that you won’t be able to listen to just once. I found myself enjoying the middle verses & choruses the most as the song went along.

I have nothing but complete appreciation & respect for Albe di Primavera as it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen from start to finish. Check it out as you will not be disappointed.  We decided to catch up with Avoria for an exclusive interview on Camden Monthly.. 

What is Avoria?
Avoria is a sound project born in Italy (in Basilicata) in 2020. Avoria since the 80s make sounds with roots in
international indie music merged with the twentieth-century melodic tradition of Italian songs.

Can you tell us more about your music?
We are a collective. We are not a real band, but a sound project. In the 80′ we have contributed to the spread
of the New Wave in Italy with a critical approach, mixing the English musical influences with a very Italian
poetic line. Now we are mostly a project operating on digital channels, at least for now. Avoria, our recent
name, derives from an old experimental song of ours. ‘Avoria’ in the dialect of our geographical area is the
name of the ‘Bora’. The Bora (Avoria) is a cold fall wind that blows in large areas of the Adriatic Sea.

Who are your influences?
We were very influenced by the New Wave in the 1980s. Since the end of the 90s, we have stopped
producing (rather than composting). We loved Simple Minds and Talking Heads, the Cure and Siouxie to
Bjork, from The Smiths to Radiohead. Now we appreciate even the combination with the club music of
artists with a great sound impact such as the Austrian HVOB. Over time we have learned to merge all this
background with some important authors of the Italian melodic songs: Massimo Ranieri, Mina, Gino Paoli,
Sergio Endrigo, Franco Battiato, Garbo.

Do you have social media accounts so your fans can follow you?
We don’t use many social media. However, we have a digital distributor plus a website where we are
collecting and organizing our discography and the news concerning our media coverage. (
Music technology has changed and it is right to understand the changes. However, it is not easy to adapt to
the absence of musical materiality.

How are you living these uncertain days?
With the patience and reflection of those who are not in a hurry, but still have many projects to implement.

Describe the project in two words?
Avoria is the long dreamed dream.

Do you have any collaborations coming up with any upcoming artists?
Being reborn artistically in this period can be a curse, but also a stimulus to think about other organizational
and artistic perspectives. We are certainly a project open to future possibilities.

How do you get inspiration to write songs?
Inspirations? Things that happen to you, but also the stories of others. There is no targeted writing. Rather,
there is a poetic construction in constant evolution.

Did you have any shows coming up before the Coronavirus?
No. As we said, our new project was born only a month ago. Making live music in the days of the
Coronavirus will not be easy, but digital platforms can be a useful solution for these strange times. We are
gearing up for this.

Where in your hometown is a must go to visit?
We live in one of the smallest regions of Southern Italy (Basilicata region), in lands rich in history and
legends. Most of the fairy tales made known by the Brothers Grimm was originated in Basilicata. In the
nearby medieval the Lagopesole Castle it is believed that the story of Rapunzel was born, which the Brothers
Grimm took up from a fairy book of the 1600s, The Pentameron. Here, this for an artist could be a good
place to be born or live, and perhaps even die.

Listen to the new single by clicking here

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