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Beyond Beauty: Tuna Ziver Yoney’s Transformative Journey with Ziver Organiques

In the ever-evolving landscape of skincare, there’s a name making waves for more than just its cosmetic prowess. Tuna Ziver Yoney, the visionary behind Ziver Organiques, is challenging industry norms and leading a transformative journey towards what he aptly terms as “Clean Beauty 2.0.” In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Tuna to uncover the inspiration, ethos, and global recognition that define Ziver Organiques.

From Finance to Skincare: A Pioneering Shift

Tuna’s journey from a successful finance career to the helm of a skincare revolution is one marked by passion and a commitment to change. “After over 15 years in finance, I felt a calling to instigate positive change in an industry that I believe holds immense potential for sustainability and ethical practices,” Tuna shares. Ziver Organiques emerged as his response to the discontent with greenwashing practices and a perceived lack of innovation within the cosmetic industry.

A Name with Meaning: Ziver Organiques

The brand’s nomenclature holds a sentimental connection to Tuna’s personal history. “Ziver” pays homage to his grandfather, a master quilter whose craftsmanship and dedication left an indelible mark on him. “Organiques” is a nod to France’s pioneering role in cosmetic innovation, underlining the brand’s commitment to organic, sustainable practices.

Global Recognition and Validation

Ziver Organiques secured a significant position in the Makeup New York 2023 Beauty Tank competition, standing out among 85 global start-ups. Tuna views this recognition as a pivotal moment for the brand. “It serves as validation that our commitment to sustainability, transparency, and impactful ingredients resonates on a global scale,” he affirms. This acknowledgment not only fuels their commercial aspirations but also reinforces their ambition to inspire a collective shift towards more conscious beauty choices.

The Unique Essence of Ziver Organiques

What sets Ziver Organiques apart is not just its skincare products but a holistic approach to beauty. The brand’s commitment to transparency, impactful ingredients, and innovative solutions shines through. For instance, their hyaluronic acid serum infused with algae biowater not only replaces fresh water usage but also delivers mineral-charged superwater with potent anti-aging benefits.

Looking Ahead: Ambitions for a Circular Beauty Industry

As Ziver Organiques aims for broader recognition in major retailers like Sephora and SPACE NK, Tuna emphasizes a broader vision. “Beyond commercial success, we aspire to foster a collective shift towards a circular economy, addressing plastic and food waste pollution,” he states. Ziver Organiques is not just a brand; it’s a transformative journey inviting us to reconsider skincare choices and make a positive impact on the world.

In a saturated beauty market, Ziver Organiques stands as a testament to the power of innovation, sustainability, and conscious choices. Tuna Ziver Yoney invites us to join the skincare revolution, where beauty isn’t just skin deep but extends to leaving a positive and lasting impact on the world.

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