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Badass Ties confirm as sponsor for this years National Film Awards

Box SetBadass Ties is a online store providing high quality handmade neckties internationally. The company was started to answer the question, “where can a person find stylish affordable neckties?”. Visiting department stores and boutiques we’ve all found neckties priced from $40-$80 with likable designs. It can be challenging to find stylish neckties at a lower price with varied and versatile designs. After doing some research Badass Ties was built to fulfill that purpose.

First and foremost was to find something for the top level executive, middle management, or anyone in the office environment who wears a necktie most days of the week. Cheap neckties are a easy find but they don’t always offer the quality that would make it’s owner proud. High-end neckties that can’t be bought frequently would be purchased if it was affordable. Now it is affordable to have the nicer neckties you wanted at Badass Ties.Floral Necktie

Elegance is freedom. And to look great people didn’t need to be on the cover of a magazine. If we were on the cover of a magazine more power to us! Adding a necktie to our style, no matter the environment we’re in, could be the difference in the class we present. Adventure in style. Travel in style. Watching television in style. Neckties are a historically significant fashion essential that give off a vibe that is unique and desirable.

A necktie could help to make us look our best as we laugh, smile, or party among peers and strangers. When we’re at the bar, or on a night out with family and friends, capturing the essence of good times is wearing a Badass Ties classic design that will compliment casual wear. Look good and have fun at the same time.

HandkerchiefsLastly for that special occasion. A wedding, a date, a nice restaurant, anniversaries, as a gift, etc. Dressing for a formal occasion with a necktie can make all the difference in presence. Not only will your presence be sophisticated but so will your necktie. A memory you’ll never forget in a simplistic article of clothing, or a photograph of a night where you were looking particularly dapper. Experience a luxury with a Badass Tie.

In conclusion to find a classy and affordable necktie is no longer a challenge. No matter who you are. No matter the occasion. For all those seeking style there is no better choice than Badass Ties.

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