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Charlie Christmas releases “Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast)”

The pandemic has certainly not been easy for many. The lockdown certainly affected many in ways that will remained canned in lockdown memories. An artist who goes by the name of Charlie Christmas decided to let his thoughts of this whole period period shine through his new single “Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast)” and as the UK is slowly easing down from the lockdown, it left me thinking what i would have done if i had this song to listen to repeatedly during the lockdown. It is certainly an amazing concept song which totally is fitting with the current moment in time.

Christmas is originally from  Los Angeles and he is a songwriter/ a multi-instrumentalist who has played with a few high-profile bands/artists throughout his career, including Urge Overkill and Morris Tepper.

In Pandemic Drinking song (Empty So Fast)  you get lyrics like: “How do those empty bottles /Get empty so damn fast?”  That’s a fair enough question that i am sure i don’t have to spell the answer to you.

You can stream the single on Spotify by clicking here

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