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D M Jewelry Designs announced as official partner for the National Film and Television Awards

Hematite-EBased out of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, DM Jewelry Designs was established as a result of a life-long enchantment of manifesting visions of radiant jewelry including custom bridal designs. Individualistic creations that can be customized to accommodate any personal preferences or special event. Her mission is to create exquisite pieces of jewelry that celebrate every aspect of a woman where she comments, “ It gives me great joy to create alluring pieces of jewelry that not only embodies a woman’s individuality but also exemplifies all of a woman’s finest qualities: beauty, strength, intelligence, passion, excitement.”

Debora Ann Malouf, owner and creative designer of DM Jewelry Designs, has always had an artistic aspect of her persona despite the professional pursuit of taxation and fraud examination. Born and raised in a suburb outside of Boston, Massachusetts – Debora has always been drawn to designing with high quality precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls as well as other natural stones. She graduated from Bentley College with a BS in Accounting and soon after became a Certified Fraud Examiner. She continued her education to graduate with a Masters in Taxation from Northeastern University.

In between her studies, she continuously created custom designed jewelry for individuals and through word-of-mouth started to be sought after and commissioned for her creativity. Debora explains, “I will design and re-design a piece until it perfectly captures not only my vision but also the vision of the clientBDruzy-B who is involved in the entire custom design process. I refuse to finalize a piece until each one of us experiences what is known as the “WOW” factor.” She continues to explain, “Nothing excites me more than manifesting the visions of designs that capture the essence of a woman.” That quote is also the reason why Debora prefers to create haute couture / limited edition designs that entail unique, high-quality materials as opposed to continuing offering various designs. Prior to her launch, she realized how searching for materials that are unlimited in supply, ultimately results in limited creativity that takes away the enjoyment from the whole design process. Her designs come from her heart and soul where she finds it most rewarding when each piece takes on a life of its own with its own personality upon completion. She explains, “Even though women may have many similar characteristics, no two women are exactly the same. Each woman is unique and beautiful in their own ways and it’s my goal to capture that in each design so there is a heartfelt connection to the piece they are wearing since it’s a design representation of their own special personality.”

BDruzy-NBack in January of this year, Debora was contacted by the Vogue UK inviting her to be published with other talented artists for their Jewelry Designer Profile. Since then she has also been seen in the UK editions of Elle, GQ Vanity Fair and Bride Magazine with features in Fashion Studio Magazine, Avenue 15, House of Coco and Fashion Rooftop located in NY. She is not only grateful for the opportunity to accept the invitation from Oxford Fashion Studio to showcase a collection with them at New York Fashion Week this September for SS19, but also for the opportunity to share her story with everyone through the National Film Academy at the National Film and Television Awards.

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