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Eternally Cherished announced as sponsor to the National Film Awards

ET1Eternally Cherished is a beautiful brand founded by Erin Parnell early 2018 in Basingstoke, UK.

Giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Erin wanted to capture every essence of pregnancy, along with the months and years to follow of her little girls life. This meant it became a personal mission to produce authentic one of kind pieces of jewellery and other memorable’s, that truly captures the sentiment of her Childs first time occasions and possessions.

Whether that be creating a dazzling charm with her little ones first Locke of hair, or maybe creating a centre piece to place her first tooth in. Everything is captured and frozen in time to preserve its elegance for the duration of time.

Erin was soon advised by close friends and family that what she had created was truly amazing. This resulted with Erin creating ET3these fantastic Keepsakes for them as well, with memories collected from their children’s life.

This passion soon became an amazing business extended to others wanting the same sentimental memories. Erin believes that these are moments that need to be captured and says,

“I will lovingly hand make your keepsake as if it were my own, as I truly believe that this is a beautiful thing for a mother to have and cherish, to remind them of these magical moments”.

Not only has Eternally Cherished featured in some very prestigious magazines, but has now being announced as a sponsor of the National Film Awards 2019 right here in London.

Eternally Cherished by Erin Parnell is one brand, business, entrepreneur to watch out for in 2019


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