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French artist DALMAS Emmanuel keen on worldwide exposure

Introducing French artist DALMAS Emmanuel has caused excitement on social media with news of his new track Savages. DALMAS Emmanuel, who previously said he was excited to see what his fans thought of his new single Savages, today said he didn’t imagine how fast word spread of his new single. When asked how he felt about the excitement he has caused with his new music, DALMAS Emmanuel said “I am so amazed and grateful of all the messages I am receiving from my fans. Since I released Savages, I have received messages from all over the world including the UK, the USA, and Australia. I have been already told that my new song Savages is a perfect fit for major sport events like Basketball, American football, Hockey and Baseball, It is powerful, exciting and extremely well produced in the style of Migos/Wiz Khalifa/ Drake and Kendrick Lamar but with a French touch. DALMAS Emmanuel with “Savages” brings a lot of energy. A perfect song for “pumping-up” before a sport’s match. If you need the right energy to motivate you, listen to this song and you will win all of your personal battles. A really hard song with a big sense of banger. Those Vocals are really dope and that flow is hitting. The composition is captivating. A very well produced trap banger that sounds like it would be in Need for Speed: Underground- truly the best need for speed game…The artist from the South West of France has only been on the music scene since November 2016. 

“Savages” pulls us from beneath the rhythmic rubble and brings us towards a spellbinding melodic chorus from Travis, who for all intents and purposes gives a performance in this track that stands above anything I’ve heard out of either of these artists’ peers in the last few years. The magic is just getting started, but it doesn’t take more than thirty seconds to become hopelessly entranced with this song’s excellently designed harmonies.

Both from an instrumental perspective and a lyrical one as well, “Savages” assaults us with everything that they have got, and for all the hype about the ongoing minimalist revival that has supposedly overthrown the gluttonous hierarchy of hip-hop’s previous existence, the excessive tonality in this single is actually one of its most attractive and refreshing qualities.

I don’t know whether or not they intended to do so, but in this song, he essentially breaks away from the pack and establishes himself as a hard-hitting artist who doesn’t accept sonic boundaries as well as the bulk of his rivals do. His rebellious attitude is a nice change of pace from what 2020 has had to offer critics so far, to say the least.

DALMAS Emmanuel really seasons this single with a melodic groove that I think makes it so much more appealing to both pop and hip-hop fans than it would have been were his stylish pipes not present in the final cut. “Savages” is definitely a radio and dancefloor hit.

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