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Hodge Podge Bowtique joins the list of sponsors for the National Film & TV Awards USA

Hodge Podge Bowtique is a small, family owned company in Salida, CA where a big dream became a reality.

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Mary, the owner of the small company has always been very creative. using her creative ability, passion for art and love of dogs to make the dog bows that add style and sweetness to any dog who wears them. What started out as a hobby soon grew into something much more. As the word spread and more and more people became interested in these unique, hand crafted designs with thought that goes into every bow.


In the last year, there has been an overwhelming interest in the company’s “Mini Dog Bow” for dogs of all sizes. Mary even offers bow options for dogs with short hair.hodge picture


Hodge Podge Bowtique is very well-known nationwide, as well as internationally. Over the years, several pet boutiques and pet groomers have carried the company’s unique line of dog bows in their stores. Most recently, Hodge Podge Bowtique’s Bows have been seen in international publications.

The primary focus of the small company is, designing and creating unique bows for the world’s most loved pets. Mary carefully designs and handcrafts each bow to ensure quality and uniqueness. Hodge Podge Bowtique is known for their customer service and unique creations. One of the company’s specialties is creating unique bows to match any pet outfit. Hodge Podge Bows are always up for the challenge when requests come in to create one-of-a-kind designs. The company’s goal is for pets to stand out in the world of dogs by wearing their bows.

Hodge Podge Bowtique’s passion has always been to help pet owners spoil their pets by helping them add a little sparkle and shine to their most loved furbabies. Mary is finally living her dream one bow at a time.

Shop their unique designs at:HPB Image (1)

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