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Introducing Ray’Quan Jackson whose eyes are firmly fixed on the prize

Introducing Ray’Quan Jackson born in the north and raised in the south. RyLo was born in Queens New York to a young mother and a father who was in the streets. On the day he was born his mother was rushed into emergency surgery for brain aneurysms. His father locked away  for drug distribution. He was forced to be taken in by his grandmother. Currently residing in Savannah, GA he found listening to his music, the best of both worlds. His new single ‘Missing Your Love’ (Featuring T-Rell & Chris Knite).

‘Missing Your Love’ is certainly a romantic track which really makes great drama out of the song’s lightly ironic twist and brings an appealing combination of grit and melodicism to play delivering the song’s lyrics. Much like the arrangement, the lyrics never waste a word or any of the listener’s time and hit upon an accessible, conversational tone without ever dumbing down the adult subject matter.

The possible breadth of this song’s appeal is immense. Listeners old and young alike will find some basis to relate to the  lyrics. We decided to conduct an interview with RYLO to get to know his past, present and what he feels about the future of his music career.

How did RYLO get started in?
It was just natural I started out singing and gradually started rapping now I give the best of both side of the fence.

How long have you performing?
26 years on a personal level and about 5 years on a serious artist level. I took about 3 years off and Im back better than ever.

What are some of the growing pains you have experienced in being an artist?
The normal ones. Wanting to give up. Trying to overload myself with work but nothing that couldn’t be handled

How did you come up with the name RyLo Da Monsta?
I was in the studio with a good friend of mines Dizzy and we were working on a song.. He just blurted out u look like a RyLo we all laughed about it and I ran with it ever since adding Da Monsta on the end came when a few other artists came out with the same name I had to separate myself.

Who is your fan base?
I don’t see myself having a set fan base I see the world as my fan base being that I can relate to multiple crowds and please multiple crowds.

What sets RYLO apart from other artists?
I can really sing and there doesn’t have to be a lot of auto tune on my voice but if the song calls for auto tunish vocals I can do that too. While also being able to rap with the best of rappers so I’m not one sided I make it do what it do all together just watch me work and you will see.

What do you wish for people to know about this song Missing Your Love Remix?
Missing Your Love originally debuted January 2020 for my daughters birthday Shouts out to T-Rell for the feature. I just wanted to give the people something different with this one and prove that I am really major league ready and can make hits then me and Chris Knite got linked together and you’ll see what we do when we link up when this song is released. At this point Chris is a big brother to me in this industry So shout out to him for getting on this remix

What is the philosophy by which you live by?
4 P’s Proper Preparation Leaves No Room For Poor Performance in order to win, you have to take those losses

Which artists have inspired you?
Older artists Usher, Biggie, Pac, Jay Z, Nas, Chris Brown Just to name a few Newer Artist Im going to have to say Rod Wave that kid is in a league of his own. Yungeen Ace cuz that kid has story. Lil baby real street guy u can tell who lived it and who just talks it. The whole Authentic Empire roster got heat right now there artist Foogiano inspired me a lot he got it out the mud and we the people were able to watch his success up close and also Euro Gotit because seeing him on AE is how I started following that team.

Who’s played a major roll in your music career?
God being first and foremost. My whole family of course because they have been around since the beginning of it all. Im gonna have to say T-Rell because he was my first MAJOR feature. Joe Green who is also another great artist out of Atlanta he been real with me since I first locked in with him on a feature and has been like the long distant big brother in the industry. Chris Knite because like I said we linked and he real deal put me up on a lot of game and is always reachable we talk on a regular basis now we are going to turn up together soon. My show Manager Will Owner/ CEO of Clouds Entertainment has played a big roll over the last 3 months. My Grandmother specifically she is fighting cancer and her dream is for me to live out my dream. Lastly the late Golden Team Keeve ITS A BAG OUT THERE WITCHA NAME ON IT YOU JUST GOTTA GO GET IT R.I.P. Keeve he gave me the blueprint to get to this point

If you can change one thing about the music industry what would it be and why?
I wouldn’t change anything really, besides the bigger artists being more reachable to the lower level artists and building relationships but that is something I will change when I get to that stature.

Who are some of the artist that you have collaborated with and who you would like to collaborate with in the future?
T-Rell Joe Greene And Chris Knite are artist that I currently have features with. I am willing to collaborate with any artist as long as it makes sense.

What producer and songwriters are on your bucket list to work with?
I don’t really have a bucket list because as long as the business is correct and it makes sense I will work with whoever.

How has the coronavirus changed your view as artist?
Its put me in a box where social media  has become my best friend. I was on my way to starting to do the big shows with well known artists, but that can wait.

What are some major misconceptions that you think people have of RYLO?
I try not to allow the people to get any misconceptions of me I try to give them me as an individual and me as an artist. I am a husband and father first and foremost that is really about it.

What is your favorite part of your live shows? How has it evolved?
The love that is shown. The escape. Its like being away from everything and getting love in a new world.

Any final words for the people.
be on the lookout for me because I’m coming live and direct I’m not here to play I’m here to stay U HEAR ME.

Click here to listen to Missing Your Love (Featuring T-Rell & Chris Knite)

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