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Jared Harper takes it all in his vintage stormer of an alt-rock party anthem, All for Me.

With vintage Strokes-inspired bouncing guitars and tension building right the way through the verses in his alt-indie-rock anthem, All for Me, solo artist Jared Harper has unleashed the ultimate party-rock earworm.

Since making his solo debut in 2018, the San Francisco-hailing singer-songwriter has garnered over 43,000 streams on his standout single, About You, and his audition on The Voice has accrued over 650,000 views on YouTube. His smooth falsetto vocals that carry roguish charm in the harmonies bring a unique grit and edge to garage rock that resonates as familiar without ever feeling archetypal.

All for Me was created in collaboration with Josh Tyrrell, who recorded the instrumentals, mixed and mastered the single in Telstar Studios (London).

Jared Harper said:

“’All for Me’ is a song to boost the mood of 2021; it was written in 2018 as a thunder-cracking form of encouragement not to miss out on good times or let others miss out.

It resonates today more than it did back then; I am hoping that it will inspire people to loosen up and allow them to break out of the moments they are stuck in. I wanted an upbeat, passionate and energetic song to rock out to live, hence “All for Me”. I can’t wait to get back out on the scene, perform live and interact with a crowd.”

Amelia Vandergast at A&R Factory said:

“All for Me pays a fitting indie garage rock ode, but the track is definitively Harper’s signature Cali-sun-kissed sound. With choral psych-pop and gritty rock anthemic tones, all wrapped together in the infectiously enlivening single, it will give any alt-indie/rock playlist a potent shot of optimism.”

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