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Meet ENVY, The Drinks Brand Bringing Back Absinthe

How would you like to sip on your favourite drink whilst driving around London on a double decker bus? That’s what we did when the Urban Music Awards and La Fee Absinthe bus collaborated late last year.

The ENVY spirit brand has 5 main ENVY Spirits, which are Envy Whisky, Gin, Rhum, Vodka and EVNY Absinthe. Each is of high quality yet also affordable and has their own unique taste when compared to other spirit brands.

“ENVY range of spirits is unique being under one brand mae, simple and easy to recall: ‘Like one, why not try them all’ we have something for everyone.”

The ENVY Absinthe, produced in 2007/8 by George Rowley (owner and CEO of BBH Spirits Ltd), creates an accessible Absinthe for all. They use the main Absinthe ingredients of grand wormwood, star anise and fennel and add a unique twist by adding vanilla and cocoa, which makes their spirit stand out from the rest.

The absinthe can be had as a shot, or as one of their classic drinks, the ENVY Mojito!

The Story :

George Rowley began his journey in 1996, when he set up his company Bohemia Beer House Ltd. (now trading as BBH Spirits Ltd.). The company focused on bringing Czech beer to the UK to grow the UK market.

Between 1997-1998, George and the company decided to broaded their drinks portfolio and began looking into the spirit Absinthe realizing, there were laws across EU countries banning the spirit. Seeing a gap in the market, George Rowley decided to take on the challenge of ensuring that Absinthe could be legally imported into the EU and then sold. In 1998, George Rowley successfully legalized Absinthe for the EU.

George Rowley commented “My work with this document [EU Council Directive 88/388/EEC] allowed us to open up the absinthe category for Europe and to set the precedent which enabled us to distil again in France, and to export La Fee throughout the world. The net result of our work was the first legal government-signed document on absinthe issued by an EU country (and probably any country) since the blanket absinthe bans took effect around the world betwee 1898 and 1932, legally enabling people to drink real Absinthe again all over the world! “

In 2000 with La Fée LLP returned distilling commercial absinthe to France with the French Absinthe Museum: La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure and Blanche and Bohemian Absinthe.

Also in 2000, the iconic La Fée Bus was purchased to help train bar persons and consumers all about Absinthe and broadening individual’s knowledge on the spirit. Following a recent restoration, she is back on the road helping out at such great events as the Urban Music Awards and associated artist’s.

Over the past few months, La Fée has been working alongside the Urban Music Awards, to bring each of their guests a once in a lifetime trip they will never forget.

Urban Music Awards : Nominations Launch Day with La Fée Bus

All ENVY Spirits are available to purchase from Amazon Prime, or

To find out more about ENVY Spirits, visit their website here : or give them a call or email!

Email : [email protected]

Phone : +44 (0)1992 511445

Make sure you check out their social media handles below!

RealAbsinthe : Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

One Envy : Twitter | Instagram




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