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Music Focus : Strangely Alright “Inside A Place”

Strangely Alright describe themselves as sonic time-travellers. They paint paisley patterned pictures that shimmer with the 60’s mercurial blend of darkness and innocence, meshing psychedelia and pop melodies together,  with a hit of past and present rock and roll.

The band consists of  Regan Lane: vocals,keys and ringmaster-Sean Van Dommelen: guitar and vocals- Ken Schaff: Bass-Raymond Hayden: Keys and vocals-Jason Blair on drums.

The new single, Inside A Place is definitely a classic hit. When you start your lyrics with “When i was young i wish i could fit in, I’m glad i didn’t get my wish” you immediately understand the mindset of  Strangely Alright.  Each member brings a unique aspect  ‘Inside A Place’ .  Frontman/Ringmaster Regan Lane’s theatrical performances art, bassist Ken Schaff”s driving hard rock influences on the song and Jason Bair’s rocking military precision on drums, Ray Hayden’s keyboard crush on all things prog rock and Sean Van Dommelen’s all form the perfect blend which makes this song amazing.

Inside A Place actually makes you feel ‘Strangely Alright’  promoting a concept that we shouldn’t always follow trends but should be the ones to set the trends for others to follow and the trend here being don’t dream of fitting in to a stereotype.  If everyone is going right, do yourself a favour and go left. 

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