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Music Review: OBLIVEA “Awakened” feat. Last Obelisk

OBLIVEA is a rock band whose current members include; Ben Kyle (Vocals, Guitar), Rich Grosse (Drums), Tyler Duelly (Lead guitar) Last Obelisk (Lyricist/vocals) Dominic Brian (Bassist) and the first lady of the band Erica Pierce!  At its core,  Oblivea’s latest release “Awakened” is a mutation on ’rock, pop and everything in between, ornamented with heavy but potent production and the stomping guitar riffs courtesy of Tyler Duelly adding the edge to an already amazing song.

Last Obelisk’s voice and perfect  timing takes stock of the passage of time throughout  a reliable theme which can surely live you truly Awakened. The songwriting is poignant and could be trying to tackle some sense of accountability here, but delivered in a wash of malaise and familiarity, it’s joined by a call to value an open judgement leaving the audience and listening fans to be inspired and to transcribe it in relation to their own experience. ‘Awakened’ is currently out on Bongo Boy Records who  released it digitally and plan to feature the single on the label’s Rock/Metal album by various artists titled Kryp II Knight later this summer.

Awakened featuring Last Obelisk is out now on Bongo Boy Records . Listen to the track on Spotify by clicking here
For more info on Oblivea follow the links below;
Artist Page 
Official Website 

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