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Pane Cunzato – Pizza & More is more than just your typical Italian restaurant

Pane Cunzato – Pizza & More is a London based Italian restaurant who not only serves delicious pizza and lasagna, but an experience for every guest that walks into their restaurant. As soon as the customer crosses the threshold, they are welcomed to an Aeolian island inspired environment which makes you feel right in the heart of southern Italy.20180719_181510

The signature dish they are known for is definitely their cunzato bread, a typical dish from Sicily that can be tasted on every part of the island, albeit with different shades of ingredients, colours and flavors. It consists of a lightly toasted base and is seasoned on top with fresh, uncooked ingredients such as buffalo mozzarella, onion, tuna, tomatoes, capers and more. This dish reflects and encompasses the philosophy behind their restaurant: “we believe that only fresh and little-handled ingredients can retain all their nutritive properties and thus their taste and flavour.

Pane Cunzato – Pizza & More’s philosophy goes beyond their protagonist cunzato bread. They firmly believe that a good state of health is essentially from what we ingest. Their attention to detail on selecting and preparing the best flours for their pizza is what sets them apart from the rest. Their pizza and bread, leavened for 48 hours, are produced with wholegrain stone – ground wheat flour, which, unlike normal refined flours, is not depleted of all its precious minerals and phytoactive substances present in bran and germ and indispensable for nourishment and human metabolism. Eating healthily does not mean having to give up on taste! If you are looking for fresh, delicious, and nutritious Sicilian delicacies, Pane Cunzato – Pizza & More is the restaurant for you.

Find out more on Pane Cunzato: 

Instagram: Panecunzatolondon

Twitter: Panecunzatolondon

Facebook: Panecunzatolondon

49 Museum St, WC1A 1LY, London

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