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Ristlynn takes the gloss off hedonistic idealisation with his alt-pop debut single ‘I’m Going Down’

Anchorage, Alaska, United States-residing artist, Ristlynn puts raw, unsweetened truth at the forefront of his music.
His dynamic array of influences falls around his sweetly sardonic style, proving that sarcasm and optimism can lie
hand in hand. With the tendency to take influence from Prince, Panic! At the Disco, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5,
there’s commercial appeal without the sacrifice of self-expression. Ristlynn started in bands as a bassist jamming to the likes of Metallica and Nirvana. After a short stint band-hopping in California, he moved back to his hometown with renewed motivation to release his own music. With ‘It will either help me or someone else’ as his motto, he deserves a spot on your radar. Their forthcoming single, ‘20/20’ is set for release in January 2021, thereafter you can expect bimonthly drops from Ristlynn as he shares his unique perspective and even more authentic sound with the world.

Pop Punk and Funk prove to be the ultimate antidote to the 2020-instilled malaise, as evidenced by Ristlynn’s euphoric stormer of a debut single ‘I’m Going Down’. The Alaskan alt-pop artist fused danceable disco beats around hook-laden guitars to create a sonically euphoric soundscape for his witty paradoxical lyricism which invites the
listener to stop idealising hedonistic idling. I’m Going Down was officially released on November 20th, 2020, the accompanying music video written, directed and filmed by Ristlynn premiered on December 4th, 2020.
Ristlynn’s DIY ethos combined with their connectable unfiltered charisma is a sure-fire recipe for success.
Ristlynn said: “I’m Going Down was written a year ago during a transitional phase. I was partying a lot
and putting my struggles on the backburner until they overcooked, then I realised it was time for positive change and to feel like I was going somewhere. I’d burned out and reignited several times over a short period; I’m Going Down is a reflection, one which will undoubtedly resonate after the collective experiences shared during 2020.”

Amelia Vandergast at A&R Factory said: Funk-soaked Pop earworms don’t come much more infectious than I’m Going Down. Ristlynn’s debut has all the polished hallmarks of a perfectly produced pop hit while
hitting you with all the indications that he’s serving straight from his affably angsty enlightened soul. If wholesome alt-pop is your bag, you’ll want to hang onto this uprising hit.

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