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The company leading the way and capitalising from the success of Prosecco

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the popularity of Prosecco. With years of record-breaking sales, it is believed that Prosecco is well on its way to overtaking champagne as the most popular choice of sparkling wine. While often compared to Champagne, Prosecco wines are made with a different set of grapes and an entirely different winemaking method. It is usually produced in a dry, brut style but its fruit flavours such as green apple, honeydew melon, pear, and honeysuckle give it a sweeter flavour that makes it an easier drink. One company leading the way and capitalising from the success of Prosecco worldwide is, RICH Prosecco. Their fun and sustainable canned, vegan secco provides luxurious flavour in an easy drink with friends. RICH is a luxury made convenient. The sparkling, fruity flavour is the perfect treat at the end of the day or at your party.

When it comes to food pairing, RICH Prosecco is versatile and tastes well with a wide range of dishes from different cuisines. Not many wines can be served before and also work well with the main course, but RICH Prosecco does that perfectly. Because of its sweet aromatics and bubbles, the drink matches well with spicy dishes and Asian cuisine.

There are many surprising health benefits that come with drinking Prosecco. A study by The University of Exeter found that drinking Prosecco can improve your memory. In the said study, drinkers were surprisingly able to clearly remember information better when they started drinking compared to those who did not drink. Aside from its benefits for your memory, Prosecco can also improve the function of your blood vessels. According to scientists from the University of Reading, the increased blood flow caused by drinking Prosecco can decrease blood pressure and the possibility of clots forming.

With its number of sales growing every year, it seems like the prosecco craze is here to stay and RICH Prosecco is certainly setting the trends for others to follow by joining the sponsor’s list of the 6th annual National Film Awards. RICH Prosecco sponsors Best Actor in a TV Series. If you’re thinking of trying it out or maybe you want to surprise a friend that is one of the millions who are crazy about this drink. See below

or check the official RICH Prosecco website by clicking here

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