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Self-expression through mismatched shoes

With so much choice in fashion. Sometimes, It is a huge task to stand out from the amazing flock of brands all vying to be Number 1. One company decided to literally tear the rule books and are slowly but surely setting the trends for customers to follow. Introducing, Gen-Nee. They design and sell mismatched and two colours shoes. That’s not all, they also believe in empowering self-expression and pursuing one’s true self without fear.

Shoes can be considered more than simply an essential fashion item because they can be used to support diverse, free, self-empowered generations. Think about it, you can wear the best outfit in the world. If your shoes are not up to par, then you certainly need a Gen-Nee.

When the brand launched they received a plethora of support, so much so that they created their very own testimonial board to show the overwhelming enthusiasm,  love, and the sense of community that the shoes created!

Gen-Nee has also been announced as the official bronze sponsor for the Best Independent Film category at the 6th annual National Film Awards UK.

For more information on Gen- Nee. See below;
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