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Ukranian instrumental band ROCKOKO take their music journey to a new level

ROCKOKO is a Ukrainian instrumental Band which identifies itself with Symphonic Rock, Symphotronica. The Band also performs in such genres as Acoustic, Pop, Dance, D&B, Metal, Jazz. The foundation for the band’s success is the original way of arranging authorial compositions and popular hits. The ROCKOKO’s decisions are: Album of original music “Dark & LIght” 3 music videos, few singles, the concert program with the Symphonic Orchestra, had two All-Ukrainian tours, performances in the largest concert halls of Ukraine, video-shootings of the concerts and their broadcasting on TV and concerts abroad: Poland, Hungary, Germany. Another feature of the band is its mobility and flexibility. The band can collaborate with other bands and artists of any genre. Guys can write arrangements and record their string instruments over the original song. This collaboration can adorn your song or album! The band has extensive experience working with Ukrainian artists and bands.
The band consists of:
Mykhailo Romanyshyn – violin
Igor Protcyk – cello
Volodymyr Kotliarov – cello

What inspired you to make music?
Volodymyr Kotliarov Since I remember myself, my father shows me classical music. He turned on the recordings of his favorite classical pieces. When I was 5, I started studying piano at music school. At the age of seven, I started playing the cello. Music has been with me since early childhood, so I can’t name any specific reason why I became a musician. I just have good parents 🙂

How would you describe your music?
Vodolymyr: We have two composers in the group. That’s why ROCKOKO music is different. You can see for yourself if you listen to our album. I love writing rock ballads and powerful explosive compositions. I’ve always been inspired by bands like Metallica, Apocalyptica, Within Temptation, and Nightwish. I like the eclecticism of classics and metal. That sounds very majestic.

What are your future plans? Do you have future releases?
Vodolymyr: This year we plan to record a new album and finish the music video trilogy. We also record our instruments in a song by the Norwegian band Harmony Drive. Maybe it will be an EP or a full-fledged album – we’ll see.

We also plan to perform at several music festivals in Ukraine in the summer.

Where can our readers find your music?
Vodolymyr: You can listen to us on all music platforms – Dizer, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music and others. Our music videos can be found on the YouTube channel, and more information on the official website –

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