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All Female choir leads the way with new single “Hold Your Head Up Woman”

Visual/musical artist Vivienne Boucherat is reimagining Rod Argent and Chris White’s single “Hold Your Head Up” as an anthem for women empowerment. Almost 50 years after the original hit’s release, the all-female acapella version is hitting the scene on 15th October, available worldwide. The song’s message is imperative— it’s exactly what we need for this era’s shift towards
gender equality. In the midst of the pandemic, Vivienne Boucherat joined forces with Cindy da Silva, an artist manager, and Rene Harbison, the head of a Texas-based production and
consulting firm. Their creative minds meshed together to construct a 61-print art book titled “Know Your ‘Crazy,’” which was released late 2020.

After the book was released Vivienne quickly decided it was time to add an anthem into the mix. Rod Argent and Chris White’s 1972 song “Hold Your Head Up” has often been misunderstood. You might believe that the band is belting out “Hold Your Head Up Woah.” In reality, the
banging lyrics are “Hold Your Head Up Woman.” Vivienne’s a cappella vocal arrangement of the song became the natural choice for a soundtrack to the female-centric ‘Know Your Crazy’ project.
The combined projects have facilitated the growth of a village of women from all walks of life. It shines a light on women supporting women in a culture that often rivals them against one another. Boucherat chose UK based Irish singer Bianca Kinane to sing the lead vocal and a
mixture of professional and non-professional singers from both sides of the Atlantic to share their talents, recording in a number of studios. Together, this all female worldwide vocal group is known as the ‘Know Your Crazy Choir’. Over 25 incredible women worked on this project with the hope of connecting and empowering women of all shapes and sizes.

The all-female transatlantic ‘Know Your Crazy Choir’ release their debut single – a cappella version of the Argent classic ‘Hold Your Head Up Woman’.

The choir is led by artist, Vivienne Boucherat, who released the Know Your Crazy artbook at the end of 2020. This feminist anthem was the only choice as the soundtrack.

Watch the video now here:

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