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Aneessa is back with new single..

One of seven children with a wide range of musical tastes all around her, Aneessa was born in Saint-Étienne in eastern central France. Aneessa fled her home on a one-way to ticket to L.A. to claim the love of her life and a fresh start in her work passions. She has triumphantly succeeded with two Top 5 Most Added singles at smooth jazz radio with “Back To Life ” Soul II Soul Jazz Remake hit song and “Saint-Etienne”, with the promise of more to come. Filled with gratitude and ready to prove it, Aneessa is releasing her personal anthem of reviviscence, “Gonna Be Alright,” Co-composed and co-produced with her husband Michael Sutton (Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross), the song boasts a gentle four on the floor pulse, sexy guitar-bass tandems and a liberating message sure to incite line dances and skate parties wherever it is heard.

Aneesa is now back with new single “Gonna Be Alright” Better Days Mix .  This single is not what you think it is. It’s better. The music bed is haunting as if to create a narrative of rising from the darkness. Light and success are attainable, the listener feels as if they were racing and chasing down the dream. The tone is heavy, but not oppressive. The music hovers, with crisp movement, gravitating towards the vocals and bass. A presumed organ electrifies, shifting some of the focus to its slightly unique sonic push.
“Gonna Be Alright” Better Days Mix – Sound like Sade with Sparkles and Shine!
“I want the world to know that everything is ‘Gonna Be Alright.’ To be perfectly honest, I wish I could have had this song to sing earlier in my life!”

Watch the lyric video here:


“Everybody goes through hardship,” Aneessa explains. “When you are tormented, you think you will never achieve your dreams ‘Gonna Be Alright’ is a sonic boost for your spirit meant to remind that when you have a clear vision, no one can stop you. Then your life can truly take flight!”

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