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Maria Rodhe Releases a brand-new EP: Happy Ending

Maria Rodhe is an artist who recently put out a new release into the world. The new project is titled Happy Ending and it feels like a perfect blend of some of the artist’s main musical influences like mid-tempo pop but with depth. However, Maria managed to develop a distinctive, personal sound that’s hard to tie into specific categories. This is definitely a no-brainer for you if you are a fan of artists that make it difficult to put a finger on them. Originality is key to innovation and with this EP, it’s impossible not to appreciate the original vision that drives Maria’s music. Each song brings something different to the table and the EP offers so much throughout the span of four insightful studio tracks. Maria Rodhe is living proof of how fear will not get you where you want!

When Maria had turned 40, she had a life crisis, a normal state for most people at some point in life. She realizes that even though she had cared for others all her life – she had never felt so alone. Maria had a breakdown the day before Christmas 2016 and didn’t know whom to turn to.  She saw the add in the local paper for the” Call the on-duty priest”- service from the Swedish church and so she did.  The priest got the shortest story ever of her life and simply asked her” Did you ever consider participating on a aN -l-anon program for co-addictive’s?” The answer was simple…” No, I have not, there’s nothing wrong with me”.

Slowly Maria started to work on her mental health and here she is today. Happier and braver than ever. She is ready to attack her childhood dreams and to inspire others to challenge their fears to get the result in a life that they deserve.

We managed to catch up with Maria for an exclusive interview…

What inspired you to get into music?
My mom was the one who made me apply to music school at the age of 9. She realized I love to sing. My mother also sings by the way so I’ve been dragged to choir rehearsals and concerts/competitions since a young age. Ever since then I have been secretly dreaming about being a singer in a band or an artist. Music has always been my therapy and my best friend. I can laugh and cry. I can feel bad and I can feel in love.

How would you describe your music?
Catchy, new pop that makes you want to sing and move everywhere. Pop with clean lyrics that almost all of us can relate to because I want people to connect and I use sincere and crisp language without a Parental Advisory label. I mean what’s the point of cursing in public and making it sound ok? I don’t get that. Yet I hope the music is not “wussy” or mainstream.

What would you say is your recording and songwriting style?
I start with a textual canvas as the “requirement specification” to get started with. It answers *What do I wish to communicate*, Why & What characteristics fits its purpose?

My co-writer create the embryo for us to work with and when I feel ready to go into the studio we take a few intense days to focus real hard on creativity.

In the studio, there’s a lot of trial and error to find the right instruments, effects/sounds, beats and vibes. I like to experiment with new (and sometimes old) sounds. The lyrics I work on up until recording day as the words easier comes out when I’m actually recording.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
Wow, in five years I have released many tracks and hopefully, music is my main income. I have my own recording studio where I work on my own stuff at the same time as I am involved in many cool collaborations! I have influenced others to be bold enough to ask for help and chase their dreams. I mean, can I do it at this age, anyone can!

If you are a fan of artists like Zara Larsson, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd to name a few we would warmly recommend listening to this release. This release stands out as a great introduction to Maria’s music and it is definitely a premonition of great things to come.

Find out more about Maria and do not miss out on Happy Ending, which is currently available on all digital platforms. Click here to listen to the single on Spotify





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