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Bloomr releases new single “Vamanos”

BLOOMR is an indie rock, singer-songwriter project started by Brian Scott and Steven Webb of defenders. It sounds like the love child born of a long, sweaty, booze-fueled all nighter attended by Pete Yorn, Guided By Voices, Superdrag, Centro-Matic and Dinosaur Jr.  New single “Vamanos” the mellow and warmly pleasant sounds like an off-shoot of what a good quality track should sound like. It’s full of feel-good lyrics and radiates a sunny optimism through its upbeat piano notes, streaks of electric guitar, symphonic strings diffusion, and an amzing vocal inflection.

Like true rock genius, the lyrics may appear simple on paper, but come to vibrant life as BLOOMR  wistfully sings.  It’s a rare sentiment to hear in song form, but very welcome and enjoyable.

“Vamanos” is in keeping with the gently cheerful nature of the track. Using hand-drawn vocal animation superimposed on real life lyrical delivery, the video focuses on questions that question hangs in the air until the final frames… This is an amazing song and one that we certainly recommend.

For more information on BLOOMR and “Vamanos” . Follow the links below;

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