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Cyborg Asylum release new single “Invincible”

Alternative Rock is making a comeback and it is a strong one.  Cyborg Asylum who at the helm of this genre decided to make their new single Invincible send a captivating message to fans that this genre is here forever.  The song hits hard with heavy electronic bassline and guitar  riffs that will make you want to keep it on repeat. “Invincible” first starts chilled out and soft and by the time you are about 15 to 20 seconds in you start to feel the power of the entire sound.

David Varga and John Tumminia formed the duo called Cyborg Asylum and have been behind the bands remarkable ascent. ‘Invincible’ succeeds in bringing both the sonic dynamics and the vocal nuance to the fore.  Stern sings in a crestfallen tone on more subdued verses that are still streaked with jags of distorted guitar and a stop ‘n’ start drum beat. We completely recommend “Invincible” as a song to add on your playlist especially if you are a big fan of alt-rock.

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