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Dame Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Ecotricity’ Campaign at Bhuti’s First Birthday

The celebration saw Dame Vivienne Westwood tuck into bhuti’s organic, raw birthday cake and sipping on herbal teas, while congratulating bhuti on their first birthday. Dame Vivienne then gave a speech on her passionate beliefs on the need for ‘Ecotricity’ in todays world to save our planet, before informing the room on her views of, Theresa May. However, Dame Vivienne’s overriding message was simple, we must all do as much as we can to switch to Green Energy, inform all those you can about ‘Ecotricity’ and help avoid the destruction of our planet.

Bhuti, an eco-wellbeing escape set in the heart of Richmond is one of Richmond’s most popular celebrity hot spots, whose members and regulars include Dame Vivienne Westwood, Fearne Cotton and Richard E. Grant.

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