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Ella Blue releases brand new single “One”

One could scarcely begin Ella Blue’s career any better. This latest  single release showcases her influences together under one tent, transmuting them through her own experience and talents, and thereby producing an uniquely individualistic yet familiar slice of musical art.

One has commercial appeal, but it’s far from pure pop – there’s a brightly burning rock and roll flame at the core of the track. She’s surrounded herself with a cadre of top flight accompanists who play to the song rather than attempting to glom off some of Ella’s shine. Shine she does. One more than adequately conveys the confidence and sensuality behind so much of the tune and stands as a wonderfully complete first expression of identity from a singer, songwriter, and performer we’ll undoubtedly be hearing more from in the years to come.

The song has a hell of a production job setting it apart from the work her contemporaries do. Ella sounds like a throwback of sorts, equal parts pop superstar in the making and backbreaker singer with ample soul to burn, and the way she possesses a song is reminiscent of the greatest singers, male and female alike.

It runs over four minutes long and Ella’s voice is the dominant presence throughout the entirety of the tune without ever relegating her musical partners to the shadows. The accompaniment she receives on the tune really takes it into another realm. The same bluesy gravitas we hear in her voice is well matched by the cutting guitar work slicing through the mix. Everything has a gripping, immediate quality that frames her voice in the best possible way.

She makes every syllable matter and there’s a level of attentiveness to her phrasing that goes far beyond the ken of average or inexperienced singers. Let’s be honest –

One can say she isn’t exactly plumbing into revolutionary subject matter with this song, communicating desire is about as standard as it gets, but she nails it with a language all her own that further marks this particular stretch of territory as hers alone.

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