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Franki Love releases single “Stay for a minute” from album The Sun

Introducing Franki Love is an award-winning singer/songwriter living in both Los Angeles and NYC. A classically trained pianist, she grew up playing the piano at age four.

Stay for a minute is the lead off single from her album “The Sun” . The single finds her bringing her influences together under one tent, transmuting them through her own experience and talents, and thereby producing an uniquely individualistic yet familiar slice of musical art.

Stay for a minute is amazingly thought-out with whispers of Lana Del Ray coupled with the tension and artist like Adele will bring to the table. Franki Love herself testifies that there were some challenges in making this album. “The biggest one was the global pandemic. Just as the Kickstarter campaign was funded and I began the journey to write/record the album, we suddenly were quarantined and our world went into a panic. I started to homeschool my 4 year old daughter. After putting her to sleep, I would sneak quietly into the bathroom or clothes closet or any space where she couldn’t hear me sing – to write songs with a notepad and pen. I felt tired and exasperated and questioned if I had the strength to write and produce an entire album. In addition to the pandemic, I dealt with other stressful matters that put me into emotional distress. I felt as though there was a huge glacier in front of me that I had to climb” commented Franki.


Nevertheless, she was determined to succeed and this single shows her determination paid off and the album will go down in history as music that emerged from a year that to survive was to take the challenge against all odds.

One can say she isn’t exactly plumbing into revolutionary subject matter with this song, communicating desire is about as standard as it gets, but she nails it with a language all her own that further marks this particular stretch of territory as hers alone. 2020 will, undoubtedly, see a number of notable debuts, but few will equal the passion, theatricality, and power of  Franki Love’s  single and album.

She’s making a mark straight out of the gate and, in an increasingly fragmented popular music world, we need these sort of transformational talents more than ever before.  Franki Love’s Stay for a minute causes the best kind of turmoil and leaves you wanting more.

Listen to Stay for a minute by clicking here

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