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Kelsie Kimberlin’s ‘Cosmopolitan Girl’: A Global Pop Anthem for the Ages

Introducing, Kelsie Kimberlin, a 22-year-old American musician, and singer. Her work is not only accessible and entertaining but also steeped with important social themes and dual meanings underscoring her deep understanding of the power of creative music to evoke change. From an early age, Kelsie immersed herself in music, singing in choirs, participating in Yoko Ono’s Peace Project, and spending much of her childhood in music studios working on an endless stream of original songs. She participates in every aspect of her art — writing, recording, performing, and filming her video.

Her single  “Cosmopolitan Girl” is a catchy and upbeat pop song that celebrates the joys of traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world. The lyrics, which are written in a lighthearted and playful tone, depict the singer exploring various cities and immersing themselves in local customs and traditions. The song’s message of embracing diversity and common humanity is also a powerful and timely one and is conveyed through its inclusive and celebratory lyrics.

In terms of production, the song features guitar and vocal production by Larry Friedman, and was produced by Pedro Vengoechea, Vasyl Tkach, and Brett Kimberlin. It was mixed by Brent Kolatalo and mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone. The video for the song was directed by Zachary Gross and photographed by Dan Caden, with makeup by James Cornwell and production assistance from Larry Friedman and Michael Collins.

Overall, “Cosmopolitan Girl” is a fun and enjoyable track that is sure to be a hit with pop music fans of all ages. It’s catchy hooks and upbeat production, combined with its inclusive and celebratory lyrics, make it a standout track that is sure to get listeners singing along.

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