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Miya Guggs setting the trend for others to follow

Introducing Miya Guggs known also by Miya Ford, a hot up and coming R&B/Pop indie artist and songwriter who certainly gearing up to becoming the next big thing. Her first single Vibe, produced by (ProdRichi) is a representation of how she deals with whatever the universe throws at her rather than be in a relationship, personality, or life’s trials.

Miya has created a soundscape that imbues warmth and innocence. Vibe is an amazing song for one who has truly evolved to see the world through their own lenses rather than the boxes often set to categorise them.

The music video above is for ‘Situationships’ which also encompasses everything you need in a song. The instrumentation is brilliant, a triumphant accompaniment to Miya’s vocal softness. Honestly, this track causes me to reminisce of those tv shows where the main character’s lover is leaving. Perhaps the scene shows the lover driving away in a 70’s Olds Cutless looking back into the rearview mirror to see his girl. She’s standing off to the side of a gravel road, hair blowing in the wind; a reminder of the strength to overcome whatever the world presents to you.

What next for Miya? She is actively building her brand and preparing for her next single – Dime and judging from the reception Vibe received at our music department. We think Dime will be an absolute smash hit that we can’t wait to equally review. But for now, this  Kansas native is certainly the name soon to be on everyone’s lips.

Miya is a Kansas native in which she mostly was active with sports until her second year of college. Miya has been a local actress in Kansas City where she has done commercial acting and modeling since the age of 15. She joined her cousin Melvin Moore in LA where after spending time in the studio with him and other famous producers encouraged her to take on music full time. It was there she learned the art of song development, writing, and the recording process.

Vibe  by Miya Guggs is out now 

Label : Guggs Ent.   Social: Miya_Guggs

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