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Monica Uhm releases “Anthem” from the EP Anthem

Meet Monica Uhm who has released the brand new single “Anthem” from her EP with thesame title. ‘Anthem’ is an amazing single which shows Monica Uhm’s amazing skills in storytelling.

When I think of the word ‘Anthem’ I think of strength, or the heat a music needs to become widely known. Monica Uhm, an exciting new pop singer/songwriter has a solid foundation and strength in the tempestuous “Anthem”. Throwing things back a bit to 90s girl pop, and mixing in dark, mysterious emotions Monica’s track is an impressive lead single from her EP. While the song may not turn up the heat in a conventional way, “Anthem” will pick up steam.

Unlike fellow peers Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish or even Ariane Grande, I think Monica’s essence elements of folk-pop mixed into one. The subject in the track longs for something and that control of having to see this other person on their terms, and that’s not the case. Scorned lover. An affair. Stood up. Hard to say, but my mind wandered into some bizarre territories while listening to the track. I always appreciate artists that give their fans that connection and that leeway to create their own backstory.

No matter – the music bed and the bassline in “Anthem” is airy, light. It’s a nice juxtaposition to Monica’s vocals. The beat is solid – a great toe-tapper. It’s electronic and a nice way to jam. My shoulders were moving, too. Still, with the myriad of sound surrounding me, my ears just zoomed into  Monica’s magnetic vocals. I could easily hear this song with stand-alone piano keys fused with Monica’s voice or even a faster mix. It would translate well either way.

From the acoustic guitar which introduces the track to the songwriting compiled with the vocals. “Anthem” certainly seats it’s own league as a definite classic hit and one that will certainly announce to the world the arrival of Monica Uhm.

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