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Dizzy Box Nine releases “Deep Inside Your Mind”

Introducing Dizzy Box Nine who has just released the single  “Deep Inside Your Mind” from the album Faster Than Anticipation.

Deep Inside Your Mind is one of the Dizzy Box Nine’s most stripped down tracks – at first – and it magnetizes with its spare, bluesy guitar refrain and expressive vocals in the spotlight.  The rich guitar tone touched with an edge of distortion acts like a second, more ruminative voice that rests behind a more emotive register.

Just when the song seems to close on a calm note, it suddenly takes off to the skies  sharply longing, flying electric guitar notes backed by the deep supple bass line and anchoring drum beat.  Again the guitar acts like a human voice, letting loose with dynamic, yet controlled abandon, full of frustration and regret, but also ripe with the feeling of redemption. Don’t you stand so close, I want you the most, Ludwig sings a question that rings right through to the storyline base of the song. Lead singer and guitarist Randy Ludwig sings with a confidence that is second to none and when you are backed by the right army in this case Tony Robles ( on guitar) and drummer Ryan Gio. The Southern California trio is certainly shining bright on this one.

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