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Music Review: Phantom Phunk SINGLE: “A Week Ago”

What started as songwriting projects for various artists has grown to a full fledged project of it’s own. Phantom Phunk  based in the Tampa studio Harmonic Factory have just dropped brand new single  “A Week Ago” . The title alone is catchy enough to be a TikTok hashtag. Bravo!!!  when you peal under the layer with a 3rd listen to the song it starts to get really addictive. Is certainly one of those tracks that immediately sneaks up on you and gets you rocking your head in a movement that only implies that you are certainly experiencing great music. The humming sound, in the beginning, basically sets the mood and the lyrics heightens the experience. Songwriting is on point, production is special and the entire track reflects the honesty of what HipHop should always be about!!

‘A Week ago’  has an infectious hook which has been ringing in my head since i heard the track for the fourth time. All is left to say, is we are expecting more from Phantom Phunk and if ‘A Week Ago’ is anything to go by. The best is yet to come.

For more information on Phantom Phunk. Follow the links below:

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