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New Restaurant Launches in FrankFurt, Germany

When you get a call to meet the ‘elegant lady from Asia’ you start to think of the many Asian countries you might need to book your flights to… So, as i sat fantasising about Thailand, China, Japan, India, the list goes on..I found my entire fantasy or daydream abruptly interrupted by the elegant lady’s assistant (aka..PR Guru.. Emma Putt) who revealed that the elegant Lady from Asia is in fact crossing over to Germany. Now, if i have lost you already… Oh.. ye of little faith..Hang in there and in the good old words of the voiceover from the Guinness advert… “Good things come to those who wait”… Product placement out the way.. Cheque in the post and we can now continue!! Dressed in pristine orange silk and holding a bowl of rice in her hand as can be seen beautifully depicted in oil on the canvas outside exterior of the venue is the so called ‘Elegant Lady from Asia’. The brainchild of out of the box, serial entrepreneur, Deepak Ohri, CEO of lebua Hotels & Resort. Now Deepak Ohri definitely brings the ‘E’ in entrepreneur and the ‘C’ in creativity.. Well, when you meet him and he tells you “i don’t pursue an idea. The idea pursues me” You will then understand  why the “Elegant Lady in Orange” is a symbolic brand ambassador for his  avant-guard new restaurant Breeze situated in the heart of Frankfurt,Germany

Last month, i flew to Frankfurt to witness the Lady in Orange being presented at an exclusive event to mark the launch of the restaurant. The campaign was visible downtown Frankfurt on posters and tramlines. “With our campaign, we want to make people curious. Passers-by will see the lady throughout the city and wonder who she is and what she stands for”, said Deepak Ohri.

It seems like history is repeating it self following a successful launch in Bangkok in 2006, Breeze is now reportedly championed as the ‘new face of Asian dining’, with an exceptional menu that remains true to its authentic Asian roots while raising the bar for aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Fastforward, to 2015, i was here well and truly ready to witness first hand what all the buzz behind Breeze was about. The new restaurant, follows thesame concept in Frankfurt that has made it a Bangkok icon. As we went through the à la carte and tasting menus put together by Culinary Creative Director Sam Leong to pay homage to Asian cuisine that brings decades of innovation to the table. We found ourselves transported through a delightful culinary journey.


Amazing cuisine, great company and fantastic concept. All i can say is the Germans are very lucky, so as i curiously quizzed Deepak about any possible expansion to the UK. He added “Off course, our sights are certainly set on the UK and once we launch. Chelsea Monthly will be first to know”. There you have it.. If you are in Frankfurt, Germany in the near future.Make sure you do the decent thing and give the elegant lady  a quick visit. It’s certainly well worth the Breeze!


Breeze by lebua, Frankfurt
Open Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch 12:00 – 14:30
Dinner 18:00 – 22:30
Last order at 22:30
Bar 17:00 – 01:00 Tuesday – Thursday
Bar 17:00 – 03:00 Friday – Saturday
Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt, Germany
Telephone: +49 6992886656
Email: [email protected]

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