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Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers release new single: “King and Queen”

Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers release new single: “King and Queen” from the album Ephrem. The single “King and Queen” starts off as a traditional sounding singer/songwriter number, but this is brief before segueing into a fuller and stylized arrangement. There are a number of musicians playing on this track but you can’t really tell listening to it.

“King and Queen”, instead, sounds remarkably airy rather than overwhelmed with instrumental dross. Keen listeners will hear how well the separation between the various instruments weaving these individual parts into a seamless overall whole. This single promises much from his latest album release Ephrem and his commitment to creating and performing mature musical art is evident in every second of the track.

There’s a deeper maturity heard in the songwriting here and these factors, among others, help “King and Queen” stand out as a complete modern track that, nonetheless, incorporates traditional strengths in the singer/songwriter style.

I hesitate calling this track pop, but it does have obvious commercial appeal. It is to their credit as good songwriters that Nick Anderson and Skinny Lovers can tackle adult themes while still presenting them in a musical setting that encourages listeners to stick with the track rather than driving them away.

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