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Nick Sumner and the Assistance release “Look Out Below”

 “Look Out Below,”  is the brand new single from  Nick Sumner and the Assistance and is now available on all digital platforms. The rock inspired song has a feel of 90’s rock about it. “Look Out Below” solidifies the trio’s perspective of 90’s rock.

Mainstream rock hasn’t felt as heavy as it should in a long time, and while I don’t know for certain, it seems to me that   Nick Sumner and the Assistance were inspired by the lack of weighty riffage when they were putting together their new single “Look Out Below” and its gritty music video.

The band leads an onslaught of textured brutality in “Look Out Below” that goes against the grain of everything modern rock has established itself to be, and if you were hoping for a bit of old school carnage to spice up your playlist this spring, it makes a near-perfect addition by all measurements.

The lead vocal in this track is at times guttural and as beefy as the bassline is, but personally, I think it complements the tonality of the guitar parts here better than any single element ever could have. Their younger peers could learn a lot from the balance he’s laying down here, and moreover, his approach to recording powerhouse rock in general.

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