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Rey Duxbury goes into story telling mode with new album

A social maverick and musical dynamo, 21-year old Mancunian Rey Duxbury’s soulful vocals infused with electronic dance music, produced a stunningly unique sound of modern pop as demonstrated in his full length album ‘Stories’. Rey Duxbury’s new album ‘Stories’ is bold and experimental. The title of new album ‘Stories’, already sets the scene drenched in passion and urgency and as evocative as a flash fiction short story, suggests it will follow in the same vein. Will you Let go, the opening is a warm, thoughtful and comforting track. For this he looked to classic-era of pop. Whilst the second track ‘Don’t matter to me’, which sees Duxbury – who, despite his youthful looks somehow – ruminate on and ultimately accept the inevitable passing of time, is a rousing song coupled with amazing production and excellent songwriting. ‘Lie Machine’ is as evocative as a Springsteen anthem and ‘No More’ represents his take on a defiant message adding to the story.

‘Gone‘ and ‘The Moment is ours’ sounds like is music to both fight for and against an ongoing relationship. Indeed this sense of duality is at the heart of the record. Moments of exuberance sit next to those of calm. The delicate ‘No Chance’ and warped, hypnotic ‘Stories that we say’ are as hushed and intimate as some of the most successful songs in the Billboard charts now.

Ultimately Duxbury has, with this album, proven his own hypothesis: you don’t necessarily have to blow things up to move forward. You have to be iconic, think out of the box and just tell your story honestly and that is exactly what he has done with Stories. The album has hit written all over it.

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