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REALFANS – The social media platform taking over the entire world

It’s safe to say that RealFans has gone mainstream. Oscar award winning actor Leonado DiCaprio name-checked and also has a Real Fans profile. The paid subscription social media platform seems to be going from strength to strength. Last month, a tweet by a 21-year-old Andi Belle  bragged that she moved into her “dream house” thanks to her RealFans earnings. We tracked Andi Belle down and she claimed her success on the platform leads to hear wondering why she never created an account long before now.

“What I like about RealFans is that it is more geared towards influencers, podcasters, vloggers and celebrities as a whole. Unlike, other sites more driven by xrated content . I feel I can be myself and post what I want, when I want and my real fans will support me no matter what” commented Andi Belle.

Well, the clue is in the name it seems and as  millions of people filed for unemployment last month, RealFans reported a 60 percent increase in signups, with thousands of new users creating accounts daily.

RealFans’ loose content restrictions allow creators to put racy queued images and videos behind paywalls and engage with monthly subscribers through custom videos, DMs, and exclusive pay-per-view shows. Frequent payouts, and RealFans’ comparably low 20 percent cut (most cam sites take 40 percent or higher), make the site incredibly popular.

Circumventing the use of old fashioned narrative of free content consistently shared on social media in exchange for likes. “RealFans is the wave of the future because it shifts through quality from quantity providing you access to a community of real supporters”  said Dat Tape – A DJ and producer who is making over 100,000 dollars per month of Real Fans posting new instrumentals and beats.

RealFans is just another logical extension of how creators are monetizing and personalizing their labor. In recent years, free podcasters turned to RealFans over using ads; freelance journalists began creating paid content  on the platform.

RealFans’s quarantine blowup seemed inevitable. We’re clawing at the walls, looking for new ways to earn money and this has single-handedly contributed to the rise of RealFans. One harsh new reality: the “influencing era” is ending. Travel influencers can’t travel, lifestyle influencers can’t live lavishly, and fashion influencers aren’t being sent clothes without any place to wear them. The economic downturn has caused companies to dial back marketing budgets usually spent on sponsored content and, during a global disaster, followers are craving authenticity over “picture-perfect” life.

Where else can influencers, celebrities turn to but RealFans?

To join RealFans users simply go to  , include your subscription fee, get verified and you are as good as gold.

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