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Ryan Todd Garza releases new single: “These Arms of Mine” from the album Ekam

Singer/songwriter Ryan Todd Garza wanted to contribute to the soundscape of 2020 in the form of his news ingle “These Arms of Mine” which is taken from the album Ekam.

These Arms of Mine is driven by its carefully crafted lyrics, but its music is just as hauntingly moving. Ryan picks away dexterously and the major key swing of the track keeps it from becoming too elegiac in nature, and Ryan’s own smoky vocals add a pastoral texture to its tonality that isn’t typically done easily. The music confronts us with its earthy construction and begs for us to examine the words closer, something that every pop song attempts to do but most often fail to achieve.

There’s a stark lack of sensitive artists in pop these days, and it’s had a bigger impact on the music industry than some might believe to be possible. When artists pool together and apply themselves explicitly to the commercial element, the emotional opulence that attracts us to their medium disappears without notice.

Ryan Todd Garza is the real deal; an authentic musician who puts everything else second to his craft and the cultivation of it. His passion plays a significant part in what makes These Arms of Mine such a refreshing song amidst a musical landscape devoid of any honest originality.

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