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We delve into the music and inspiration as we interview music artist Rhema2020

It’s refreshing to hear traditional sounds finding new expression in 2020 and showing continued relevancy. You have to measure relevancy by more than just sales and commercial standing. Relevancy means that this song speaks as directly to listeners  and yes there’s something profoundly modern, however, about Distance the single from Rhema2020.

The best songs are unified experiences. Unified means that every element of the composition receives the right amount of attention and the resulting effect is that this is one of the more complete musical experiences you’ll enjoy in recent music history. Much of it is guided by his vocal prowess. Many singers give a fine technical performance, but few are capable of getting completely inside of a song and dominating with sheer force of personality and charisma alike.

The musical arrangement receives an equal treatment within its context. The  instruments never step on each other’s foot and glide along at a confident pace that artfully straddles the line between intimacy and musical power. The self-assurance filling every note and word of the song sounds like the product of an artist with great experience. This is true as Rhema2020 fully wrote all of the lyrics and the production was made by @tonal autonomy who helps him make the music in Nashville.

It’s quite pleasing to hear how he closely tailors his voice to suit the mood and needs of the song, but likewise how sharp his instincts are for what amount of pressure or phrasing twists an individual passage deserves. It’s definitely a studied performance, but never just some technical showcase and Rhema2020’s capacity for invoking emotion means that listeners drawn into his web are likely to be quite affected by this track.

We managed to catch up with Rhema2020 for an exclusive interview..

What inspired you to get into music?
what inspires my music today is the desire to engage in conversations with the public about internal healing, love, and the short comings that we all can face within ourselves and our relationships. I feel like God has healed so much of my emotional pain, and I want others that resonate with the perhaps slightly melancholic sentiment in this project to also know how they too can find healing. I always contemplate the fact that bringing light to the short comings we have in life, allows others to see how God has filled the gap and restored us from that. I do this by calling out to the emotions of the listener through the use of the music, so as to engage with listeners on deeper levels of conversation through mediums like youtube in the future, with the aim that said conversations could have a legitimate long standing impact in that persons life. That’s what really matters.

How would you describe your music?
Melodic, intricate, sombre, contemplative, bravado, mistakes, love

What would you say is your recording and song writing style?
versatile, the truth is over the full composition of the entire 7 part collection which is 40 songs total, 33 of which are unreleased, but are finished, I immerse my self in a variety of genres and styles. This project in specific is a mixture of ambient, hip hop, and alternative rock music.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
Wherever God wants it to be

Where can music fans listen your music?
Where to find my music: All streaming Platforms @rhema2020

For more information. Check out the links below;

Instagram: @saintrhema2020 and official website is

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