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Alias Wayne releases “Joan of Ottawa”

Introducing Alias Wayne who comes to you from Texas, the  singer and songwriter is back with new single ‘Joan of Ottawa’ .

“Joan of Ottawa” is an amazing song with a bit of Americana rock  to it that continues Alias Wayne’s reinvention of our favourite genre. You can tell he’s certainly an artist who came up hearing all manner of music and easily blends them together into a sound that’s completely his. The guitar playing is absolutely present in this cut and every song here but not in the typical way. ‘Joan of Ottawa’  eschews long, rambling solos in favor of solid rhythm parts and lead breaks that serve each song as needed.

Joan of Otawa is an impressive record any way you cut it and proves beyond a doubt that Alias Wayne is much more than just another 12-bar bandit. This man has a vision, not just a desire to play long solos, and it’s obvious in every song presented here.  Alias’s future is wide open and bright and it’s going to be a treat watching him grow into his talents. Consider him officially on the map.

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