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Hereami releases brand new single “Flow State” (feat. Vazen)

Hereami’s soul yearns to grow and entertain. Following in the steps of his older brothers, he became infatuated with music and writing. Showcasing himself in a few school talent shows, it wasn’t until after his Junior year of college that he decided to voyage into a career of entertainment. Teaming up with Vazen on the new single ‘Flow State‘ it is absolutely clear to see that  Hereami has been rapidly discovering his unique sound. Flow State was written by Shawn ‘HereamI’ Dunbar, and features Michael ‘Vazen’ Vanasek, Hereami’s long time collaborator, who also produced the music to this powerful track. Hereami along with Jason Ho of Dream Nineteen Productions, directed the making of the music video, which was shot in Los Angeles as a way of peacefully protesting the racial injustice in society, and releasing anxiety that has risen from recent and past events.

The lyrics on ‘Flow State’ really take the track to a whole new level. Hereami’s writing style is to approach the song in pockets with a unique intensity in each verse to tell the story. The production of ‘Flow State’ is pretty flawless. Overall, the most interesting part of listening to the song is that you find yourself repeating it a few times to catch the nuances and the intensity of discuss via music being portrayed. If Hereami was looking for a song to connect to potential listeners in a bid to invite them to his catalogue of music, then ‘Flow State’ is  a pretty solid start and i can’t wait what is to come next from this talented soul.

Listen to ‘Flow State’ on Spotify  by clicking here


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