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Bobbo Byrnes is back with “Queen of the Party” from the album Seagreennumber5

When you literally name your new single ‘Queen of the Party’ you need to be able to back up these statements with music which will turn heads, and Bobbo Byrnes has managed to  achieve this without hesitation!

It is clear to see that Bobbo Brynes spent most of their his time crafting and polishing the sound and the proof is definitely in the pudding.

Queen of the Party’ has a soft and breezy vibe within the layers about the record, you’re left with no doubt that this is a perfect track to settle your feet into the party or on a beach with a cocktail watching the sun going down whilst making sure the actual Queen of the Party is looked after on the dancefloor.

Bobbo Brynes has a strong commanding tone in his voice, which allows the lyrics to form into pictures in your mind and you get to play out the meaning of the track. You can’t help but notice a touch of 80’s rock pop in the feel of this record, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing which they have made very relevant for today’s scene.

This isn’t a song which is designed to crash about and fling the sand around with your feet, this is a song to enjoy as it washes over you.

Listen to ‘Queen of the Party’ now on Spotify by clicking here


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