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Calhuis release new single “XO”

Calhuis are a music duo with a difference. In a world where most music artists are desperate for fame. They have decided to take the MIA direction by revealing hardly any details about themselves… not even a bio is present on their website. With their new single “XO”, the duo let the music speak. The track kicks off with a bunch of voice clips of “talk to the girl”.  The vocals are decent and lyrically you can tell they are simply having fun.

With regards to the music itself, it’s brilliantly mixed and mastered with a touch of humor, irony, and a lot of contemplation. Audiences want cerebral music that makes them think about the world from different perspectives than their own. We’re a generation of questioners; the status quo of our ancestors makes no sense to us, and it takes a lot more than a simple hook in a pop song to get us captivated by an artist’s sound.

In that spirit, Calhuis didn’t just craft an awesome new song, they created a song that was original to them both lyrically and vocally.

Listen to “XO” by Calhuis on Spotify. Find your way to follow them by visiting their official website!

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