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The Jorgensens release single “In The Dark”

Sparkling strings cut through a curated driven melody, and out of the darkness emerges a gritty vocal that starts to harmonize with them. The tempo is slow and pendulous, but the energy is urgent, almost to the point of feeling a little rushed. There’s a passion in our lead singer’s voice that isn’t reflected in the melodic instrumentation surrounding it, but still finds a way to infect the song with its optimistic tone. This is “In the Dark,” the latest release from The Jorgensens.

The harmony between the vocal and the guitar is sharp as a tack, and it balances out the tininess of the bassline.

Personally, I definitely think they are on the right track towards breaking through on both a creative and a commercial level in “In the Dark” and I’m excited to hear how he follows it up.

Musically “In the Dark” is a real solid & catchy song that will grab your attention. However the real star of the song is the lyrics with a message of not conforming to what society says. This is the kind of uplifting message that is missing from a lot of music today.

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