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Dearbones releases brand new single “Feed the Birds”

Massachusetts based alternative rock outfit, Dearbones, consists of Frankie Chuili, Jason Pascucci, Jacob Blondin, and Andrew Quinn. The band started in 2017 and immediately gained local attention with their powerful music and visually captivating performances. With introspective lyricism and musicianship, Dearbones carries listeners through the struggles of life, death, love, anxiety, and depression. Their new single “Feed the Birds” is broken, bruised and brutally honest as Dearbones are aiming to tear the heavy music landscape to shreds and rebuild it in their own image.

One of the most interesting things about this song is hands down the music video. Strong guitar riffs and catchy lyrics relay a video so mystifying and engaging it raises the hair on your skin, wrestling your goose bumps to their peaking point and taking you out of our element as it streamlines you directly into the heart of the music. The video commences with a mean stare, vision goggles guide you into a completely different, emotional headspace. An almost dark and eerie atmosphere gives the song an edge not examined by simply listening; visual effects play such an integral role in the music industry, and though it isn’t always a necessity, it can create a different platform for listeners to empathize on.

“Feed the Birds,” is beautiful and thought-provoking, and that is exactly what makes for a wonderfully complex group of musicians. Through our ever-changing and confusing world, we are uncertain when we will be able to attend a live show. Still, we have the benefits of enjoying music from the comforts of our phones, tablets, and PC.


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