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Matthew Austin Hunt releases a brand new single “Free”

Matthew Austin Hunt is back with a brand new single “Free” which sees him go right heavy into a  real rock-infused country style from the moment you press play.  “Free” is an amazing mix of melody and muscle, groove and grace, and the perfect coming together of Matthew Austin Hunt’s songwriting ability.

It’s a perfect single, one that plays to the alt-country, if not the pure country, balcony, which is robust enough to pique the interest of the rock and roll community and melodic enough to make waves in the mainstream. Sounds like he has it covered to me!

There’s more than just a beat making “Free” the seductive treat for the senses it undeniably is; from the bones of the rhythm to the very layering of the melodicism at the top of the mix, this is a multidimensional work that wasn’t dreamt up on a lazy afternoon.

“Free” doesn’t bully us into falling in love with its swinging beats, nor the brilliant vocalist driving them home; it’s simple, down-home country music that doesn’t ask for anything other than some attention this May.

“Free” will be released on the 05/28/21

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